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Kamakura's Temple Gardens, by Saori-san

The Language of Zen Gardens

Award-winning garden designer and Kamakura resident, Saori Imoto will guide you through the beautiful natural landscapes and gardens of Kamakura that only locals know. As well as decoding the mysteries of Zen gardens, she will also explain the differences in design between Japanese and Western gardens.

A former UK resident, Saori Imoto will also ensure you cover the most stunning and richly historical sights, in an immersive and educational day out. Customised tours to specialist interests and timing requirements are available.

Exclusive Program Features

• Learn from an award-winning local garden designer • Understand the unique way of Zen gardens and their flora

• Experience sutra copying while listening to the sounds of nature at a Kamakura temple • Take hidden paths through Kamakura’s finest scenery

Boutique Guesthouse Stay

The tour can include a stay at Kamakura Cocon, a 160-year old building transformed into a beautiful boutique guesthouse. Here you can also make a “Goshuincho” book - a delightful keep-sake to track your Kamakura temple & shrine exploration.

This experience is a part of the Kanagawa Premium Collection - exclusive to the travel trade. To begin product planning access the Kanagawa Product library and/or contact Japan-san.

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