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Modern Ryokan: Kishi-Ke, Kamakura

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

“Modern Ryokan kishi-ke” embodies the Zen teaching of “chisoku” - the concept of finding mindful contentment and harmony with one’s lot in life, whatever situation you are in.

Up to four people can exclusively hire the Ryokan, overlooking Kamakura Yuigahama Beach.

In a setting that embraces the restrained ethos of Zen design, the owners Mr and Mrs Kishi will not only provide the ultimate “omotenashi” (Japanese hospitality) but will also give guests the chance to experience all that the local culture has to offer. Experiences at the Ryokan include:

Tea Ceremony ("Sado"):

Strongly connected to Japanese culture, this is much more than just preparing and drinking tea. Together with a local tea master, guests will experience the ceremony from the preparations including “ikebana” (flower arrangement) and “Cha-kaiseki” (multi-course traditional cuisine), to serving the tea themselves according to the ancient mindful ritual.

Zen Meditation ("Zazen"):

Zen meditation or Zazen overlooking the Ryokan’s rock garden, with a monk from one of Kamakura’s temples. Kamakura is known for the numerous zen temples and that is why it is the perfect place to experience the traditional meditation.

Buddhist Vegetarian Cuisine ("Shojin Ryori"):

With the ocean view as a backdrop, a local chef, encourages guests to “feel the seasons” through the delicate flavours and aromas of Shojin Ryori.

For a more meaningful discovery of the Kamakura area the Kishi family offer:

  • Deep Kamakura – a personalised, insider tour of the Kamakura area

  • Katana – Samurai sword practice with a local master using the real blade

  • Water sports – Enjoy views of mount Fuji, Enoshima island, and torii gates while trying the SUP, surfing, or windsurfing

Contact Japan-san for information on connecting with kishi-ke and making some of the arrangements listed above.

An experience at kishi-ke is also included in Kanagawa's Premium Collection developed exclusively for the travel trade. For details, access the Kanagawa Product Library, which showcases a full range of destination info, experiences, accommodation, itineraries and imagery.

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