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Hakone: Reset

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Hakone is so much more than the place near Fuji, with the lake and the pirate ship. The Hakone that is dear to the heart of the Japanese is the iconic respite on the old Tokaido route and the original retreat destination. This is where the real magic of Hakone lies, and is all too often missed.

The Untold Origins Story of Hakone

Hakone Hachiri, part of the 400 year old Tokaido road, remains ensconced in

the mountainous forest of Hakone. Local guiding company, Explore Hakone help travellers access the trail and discover the fascinating history of the area as a respite for weary feudal lords & their entourages making the arduous journey on foot to the Edo-based Shogunate.

A history tour this is not; thanks to the guide’s deep local knowledge & network guests can really get under the skin of Hakone, meet key characters of the community, see truly unique indigenous crafts, and dine side by side with the locals.

Exclusive Program Features:

• Chat with the 13th generation owner at an “Amazake” tea house

• Learn about the delightful “Yosegi” woodcraft of Hakone

• Interact with the locals at the guide’s favourite off-track soba spot

• Stay at the guide’s personally recommended ryokan

Onsen Wellness at Hoeiso

Explore Hakone have also picked their favourite ryokan, which has its own story to tell, as well as a most spectacular and rare riverside onsen. Reset indeed.

Soak in the onsen & abundant nature in Hoeiso Ryokan, and enjoy a totally unique Pheasant Kaiseki menu. They can also cater to most special dietary requests.

The "Hakone, reset" hiking experience is a part of the Kanagawa Premium Collection - exclusive to the travel trade. To begin product planning access the Kanagawa Product library and/or contact Japan-san.

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