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Hishiya Ryokan, Kyoto by the Sea

Hishiya is a quaint little Ryokan in the ancient castle town of Fukuchiyama, in Kyoto prefecture. The driving ethos of the local owner is to preserve the local cultural heritage and rich traditional crafts of the surrounding areas: namely the Kyotango peninsula - a historic hub of some of Japan’s finest and most innovative craftspeople, and the Tamba region – one of Japan’s most iconic examples of “Satoyama” (rural subsistence communities).

As a result, the renovated 80 year-old folk house showcases all things locally-sourced and produced. They include: Tango “hinoki” (Japanese cypress), Tamba lacquer, Fukuchiyama indigo, Kuroya Japanese paper, and Tango crepe.

About Fukuchiyama:

Fukuchiyama city, just 90 minutes on direct train from Kyoto, is ideal for accessing more well known areas in the Kyoto by the Sea region, including Amanohashidate and Ine Bay. The accommodation also makes for a great base for walking the mystical Oni (Demonic) trail.

Its castle, built by legendary Samurai general Akechi Mitsuhide in the late 16th century, is great for history and architecture enthusiasts to geek out, and for photographers to snap an iconic Japanese-castle-cherry-blossom scene.

Foodie scene:

It is also a lively place with a wealth of restaurants and bars residing under the watchful eye of Castle. The city is a self-styled “Town of Meat,” with chefs specializing in a variety of meat-based cuisine establishing restaurants here. A lot of the meat they use is local and regional, but with the ocean only a city away, many of the restaurants also serve great seafood as well. Using local products allows restaurants to control the quality of ingredient and give customers a distinct taste of what it means to eat in Fukuchiyama.

For product planning visit the Kyoto by the Sea DMO website and/ or get in touch with Japan-san.

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