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Kyoto by the Sea Responsible Travel
Trade Manual 

Kyoto by the Sea is one of those hidden gems that offers visitors some of the very best Japanese food, cultural experiences and heritage accommodation. We want visitors to enjoy this special part of the world responsibly, and in a way that ensures it remains unspoilt for generations to come.

Attracting visitors who appreciate the history, heritage and culture of this corner of Japan helps support the many unique crafts and culinary traditions. Balancing the benefits of tourism with the need to protect the natural landscape lies at the heart of the drive for more sustainable travel in the region.

Across the region, Kyoto by the sea DMO is working with accommodation providers, local food producers and craftspeople, helping them to support GSTC criteria. In 2023 an extensive survey was undertaken to help identify the destinations that would be best suited for travellers wanting to enjoy Kyoto by the Sea in the most sustainable way possible. The survey looked at 4 key metrics:

  • Supporting The Local Community & Environment

  • Protecting and Promoting Cultural Heritage

  • Reducing Waste and Preventing Pollution

  • Supporting local initiatives, development, training and


The results of this research have informed this manual. One of the things that has proved most rewarding in creating a guide to sustainable travel in Kyoto by the Sea is just how wonderfully varied the accommodation and experiences are. Simply by slowing down, taking the road less travelled and thinking a little bit more about how we spend our time and money, the experience of travel is richer and more rewarding. So whether your clients want the best local cuisine, the finest crafts, stunning scenery, adventure or unique and memorable accommodation, you’ll find it here.

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