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Kamakura Overview

Kamakura Concierge

Curated cultural experiences accessible from Tokyo

Mountains on one side, sea on the other,  Kamakura is quintessential Japan.  

Under an hour from Tokyo by train or car, visit Kamakura to connect with zen culture and re-balance your senses. 

Through art, culture, and nature, Kamakura Concierge offers clients moments to focus on themselves. This local tour curator strives to bring more people into contact with Japanese artists and the depth of Japanese artistry by providing experiences in  English featuring the culture, art, and nature of Japan, in the ancient capital of  Kamakura. 

Zen Temple

"Zazen" and Vegan Buddhist Cuisine at a Zen Temple

Enlightenment starts with the simplest steps. 

Sit Zazen (a meditation practice) at a Zen temple or connected tea house in Kamakura. Join us in enjoying the fresh breezes of the forested Jochiji Valley at the foot of the mountain trail that leads to the Great Buddha. The priest will guide clients through a 40-minute meditation, after which a catered lunch will be served. This "Shojin-Ryori", vegan temple cuisine, is prepared and served by a renowned local restaurant. 

Private Dining Ceramics

Private Dining at the Home of a Renown Ceramic Artist

The perfect pairing of ceramics and  

chef-served kaiseki cuisine. 

Originally started by the artist Kifumiʼs grandfather, these exclusive dinners began with the Kawamura family inviting their  friends, a colourful group including artists and poets, to enjoy nights of great sake and delicious food as a prelude to the perfect bowl of tea. Now, Kifumi and his wife, Kayoko, continue this tradition of creating a 

welcoming atmosphere with the help of his friend and executive chef Kondo. Well known for creative Kyo-style kaiseki meals, he prepares from seasonal fish and fresh vegetables in front of the guests. Clients can savour the tastes of the season served on the artistʼs ceramics.

They are also welcome to visit the historic kiln and learn pottery from the local master. 


Tea Ceremony at a Classic Tea House

1000 years of Tradition.  

A Moment to Focus.

Zen and the Tea Ceremony are deeply connected. Learn and participate in a Tea Ceremony at Houan, an authentic tea house in the forested valley behind Jochiji Temple, built in 1934. The separate small “koma” tea house with a thatched roof and a two-mat room is a priceless feature of this location.  


Wagashi sweets making demonstration also available by request. 

Tea Ceremony
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