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The international crowds arrive in Tokyo and then follow the same route, turning left: Hakone, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima…etc. The well-travelled ‘Golden Route’ through Japan, perhaps nowadays a little hackneyed with attractions contrived for tourists. How about turning right instead? To find something more authentic, less discovered and, crucially, quieter. Your clients will thank you.

Akita is one of the six Prefectures which make up the Tohoku Region. It is perhaps the most beautiful and least explored of them all – a glimpse in to a rural, traditional Japan. See below for more info, experiences and accommodation options.


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The places to be

Late blooming pink cherry blossoms in contrast with the black samurai residences of Kakunodate, medicinal hot springs of Nyuto Onsen, vibrant autumn leaves covering Shirakami and Dakigaeri Gorge, Oga’s Namahage ritual and Yokote’s Kamamura snow huts festival, iconic Akita dogs and magical snow melting on Dragon’s Eye Lake – just some reasons why Akita offers intrepid travellers a deeper, more untouched, more naturally beautiful Japan. MORE...

Japan-san is working with Akita prefecture to develop their proposition and products for the travel trade. We have included highlights below. For more details on itineraries, logistics, pricing and marketing collateral please contact us.

Kakunodate cherry blossom.jpeg


Little Kyoto of the North

Divine Forest .jpeg

Shirakami Sanchi

The Divine Forest


Nyuto Onsen

Quaint, authentic, healing


Lake Tazawa

Japan's deepest, bluest, most photogenic lake


Oga Peninsula

Japan's galapagos

The things to do

Immersive, authentic, original

In the last year Japan-san's team has travelled around the region to identify and tailor experiences to the preferences of more discerning, culturally and ethically aware travellers. Our list below has been formed after conversations with each of the providers whereby we ensure the authenticity, immersiveness, sustainability and safety.  Many of the activities can be customised to the preferences of particular tour operators and clients. Contact us to learn more.

Akita dog walk.png

Akita Inu Tours

Take a walk with the locals

Mama-chari Lakeside.jpg

Mamachari Foodie Tour

Fill your basket with local farm produce

Hipster Sake .jpg

Hipster Sake

The next generation of brewers stirring things up

Yatuyanagi history.jpeg

Wild Sakura Crafts

Generational local crafts

Oriyama Matagi  Lodge.jpeg

Matagi Lodge

Akita's "Men of Winter"

Dairyuji Snowing.jpg

Zen Yoga Retreat

Mindfulness, yoga, temple stay



Yes, that is a thing

Small Waterfall Shirakami.jpeg

Divine Forest Forage

Meet the michelin star ingredients sourcer

Nyuto Onsen.jpg

12 Seasons

 Nyuto Onsen Insider

Where to stay

Characterful accommodation options

We have curated a list of Akita's most storied, unique and authentic accommodation. Covering various price points our recommendations offer something to all traveller groups. Contact us to find out more information.



Former Samurai residence

Wabizakura exterior 2.jpg

Wabi Zakura

Elegant luxury at one with its natural surroundings



Iconic Nyuto Onsen Ryokan

Oga Onsen Tsubaki.jpeg

Oga Onsen Tsubaki

Coastline seafood-specialty Ryokan

Izakaya Noshiro_edited.jpg


Characterful izakaya and guesthouse

That Sounds Good Inn summer.jpg

That Sounds Good Inn

Quirky, music-themed, lakeside guesthouse

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