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Image by Roméo A.


Japan expertise for the travel trade


Anyone that’s been to Japan understands what a unique and bewitching place it is. There is a richness and variety of places to explore and experiences to enjoy. At Japan-san we believe the best way to support and help our clients is to live and breathe this wonderful country.


We have colleagues permanently based in Japan and in each of our key markets. Combined with our research and insights, we’re here to help the trade welcome more travellers to one of the world’s most fascinating countries.


“To understand and sell Japan you need to know both the destination and have connections. Japan-san have a wealth of expertise and important contacts – it counts as to who you know in Japan. As a result Japan-san don't simply train teams but impart real insights that make a huge difference. They do so in both an engaging and creative way.”

Justin Wateridge – Managing Director, Steppes Travel

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