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"Japan Through Sake", London Event: November 2023

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Our exclusive event for the best and brightest UK travel trade and media. members was held at Japan House, London. It featured Sake and regional dishes from Kanagawa Prefecture, the Kyoto by the Sea region and Wajima City.

Sake embodies the region and tells its story…

The story of Japan, its culture and religion, rituals, folklore and way of life begins with rice cultivation and Sake brewing. Each region’s sake has a distinct flavour and a different story to tell, about its climate, geography, local produce, crafts and unique culture.

Through tasting local sake and cuisine, our event took guests on a journey through Japan and to the essence of our regions.

Pictured: Kanagawa: "S. Tokyo" from Nakazawa Brewery near Hakone tells the Kanagawa story as the place where East first met West. Its white wine taste makes it a perfect partner with western/Japanese fusion cuisine.

As well as presentations about our regions and the great options available to travellers, we also had updates and special prizes from our sponsors, Japan Airlines, The Capitol Hotel Tokyu, and Mitate DMC.

Thank you to all our fantastic guests for their enthusiastic participation and general loveliness. We very much hope to see you next year for another journey through Japan, and lots more Sake.



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