Pure Northern Beauty

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The places to be

Off The Beaten Track. On Trend.

Minamicho in Tokushima, Shikoku, is a beautiful area with so much depth & charm that it offers visitors a truly unique Japanese experience.

A mountain & coastal village life for those interested in getting access to real rural Japan; organic, healthy authentic local
cuisine for foodies; stunning nature for cyclists, runners, climbers, surfers & photographers; deep cultural experiences for
Japan enthusiasts.

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oyadohiwasa main.jpeg


Family guesthouse with
hipster vibe and passion 

Local Guide Minamicho.jpg


Local guides on hand to give you inside access


Shirakami Sanchi

Experience some of Japan's most iconic festivals


Nyuto Onsen

Shingon buddhism training &

temple stay

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Oga Peninsula

Tea leaf picking in the remote Shikoku Mountains


Ine Bay Boathouses

Stay in an Idyllic village built on the water 

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"Pichi Pichi"

Fish market, fishing village tour, sushi making  


Farmstay Retreats

Reconnect with natural living


The Art of Miso

Learn fermentation & miso dishes from a local expert


A deeper Kyoto experience

Kyoto’s north shore, Japan’s first ancient kingdom.


An escape from the cities, but still close enough to make traveling here a breeze.

car: 90 min from Kyoto / 2 hrs from Osaka

train: 2 hrs from Kyoto / 3 hours from Osaka

Take a detour from the golden route to  reward clients with stunning beaches, enchanting fishing villages, wellness as a way of life and truly unique accommodation.